England Athletics have issued guidelines which allow us be more flexible in how we arrange our running sessions.  As long as we operate in a “Covid-19 Secure Environment” we can take out larger groups and have more flexibility with our start times.

However, we need to make sure we keep our runners and any members of the public that we encounter on our runs, safe.  In line with the current Government guidelines will be running in groups of no more than six. The number of groups we can offer will depend on the availability of run leaders but we will always do our best to accommodate demand

On Tuesdays we will do our best to offer 3 options in the summer – a trail run, a back to running session and a coached session. In the winter we won’t be offering a trail run option, just the speed work and back to running sessions. To keep the group sizes down we will arrange a number of smaller groups running at different places, in and around Woodbridge, for both summer and winter seasons.

On Sundays we will aim to offer a long, approx.12M mile, run a with fast and steady group option along with a short steady paced run of approx. 6 miles.

In order to book on a run with us you need to use the Spond booking App which you can find here Once you are registered and accepted in the Woodbridge Shufflers Group you will be sent regular invites to runs which you can easily accept, decline or ignore.

By coming along to one of our runs, you need to agree to follow the England Athletics guidelines for runners and read the latest Government advice which you can find in the links below: –

Click here to see the latest advice from the UK government

In summary: –

●      Follow all guidelines on social distancing by keeping 2m from other runners and members of the public wherever possible

●      Maintain social distancing with members of the public you may see while out running

●      Do not attend the session if you have had any symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days

●      If you have attended a run and subsequently test positive for COVID, you must inform the Club and complete the UKA COVID-19 tracking form here

●      You agree that the Club can forward your details to the Government track and trace teams if you or someone on your run exhibits signs of Covid-19 after the run has taken place.

Please contact one of our Covid Officers, Dr Ben Solway, Mark Allen or Dave Alley if you have any questions or concerns about running under the ‘Covid-19 Safe Environment’ protocols.