London Marathon Club Places

Every year a number of club members try to gain entry into the London Marathon for the following year through the main ballot process and inevitably, several fail. As a UK Athletics affiliated club fulfilling various criteria we are entitled to at least one club place, primarily intended for those who have failed to get in via the main ballot.

In October, club members are invited to put their name forward to be considered for a club place. In order to be eligible you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You are currently a First Claim member of the Woodbridge Shufflers and have been since at least the end of January,
  • You have applied for entry to the London Marathon through the main ballot and have not been successful,
  • You must have paid your club subscription by 31st March,
  • You have not had a club place in either of the previous two London Marathons.

In November, the committee will decide which member(s) will receive a London Marathon place after considering the contribution each member has made to the club through assisting with the running of the club and the organisation of the club’s 10k and cross country races in the previous 12 months.