Coaches Corner

Coach Profile – Dave Alley


I’m Dave Alley.  I’m an England Athletics qualified Coach in Running Fitness and Run Leader.   I have a friendly and supportive coaching style, and I believe that running is for everyone, whatever your shape, size, age or ability. It’s what us humans were built for!   I’ve been running for most of my life, initially to help keep fit for other sports.  I started running more seriously about 10 years ago after completing my first half-marathon and joining the Woodbridge Shufflers. I’m now hooked on running.  I’ve completed around 10 marathons and 5 Ultramarathons so far, including the London Marathon and The Stour Valley Path 100km Ultra Marathon.   I enjoy trail running the most, and prefer the long-distance ones – although I love Parkruns too. 

My sessions are aimed at helping you run faster and further, by

·      Improving your strength
·      Improving your fitness
·      Improving your running technique
·      And most of all having fun!

I can also help with any running related questions on things like race nutrition or kit, or putting together a personal plan for you to prepare for a race – from 5k to Ultramarathon.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or come along for a try-out session.  You know you want to!

Tuesday sessions
Our Tuesday coached sessions are designed to help you improve in a friendly, supportive environment. They are suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner, an ardent racing snake looking to bag your next Personal Best, or planning to beat your nemesis at the Parkrun – you know who I mean!  

At a typical Tuesday evening we spend a few minutes warming up, followed by exercises to help your running technique.  We then carry out the main session, which may be on the track, on a local hill, or around Woodbridge, and will be designed to build your strength, speed and endurance. During the main session I also cover running technique, to help you run more efficiently. After that, we finish with stretches and a cool-down to end the session.

The sessions are designed around the principles of overload, recovery, and adaptation.  The sessions improve your running by encouraging you to work a bit harder than you are used to, which will cause temporary overload.  When you rest, your body will recover from the overload and adapt to improve your strength, respiratory system, and energy systems – making you fitter and faster.

The sessions will improve your running whether it’s road or trail, and I can provide advice on kit, nutrition and any other aspects of your training that you want help with.

I can also offer specific, personalised training plans for any running goal you have – from running your first 5k to preparing for an Ultramarathon.

If this sounds interesting, come along and give one of our sessions a try.  Or drop me a line if you have a question.