Celebrating 40 years of Shuffling

The Woodbridge 10k was unable to go ahead this following the pandemic; but the Shufflers (never ones to be put off) managed to pull together a celebratory relay race around Woodbridge instead followed by an evening of celebration.

As a team we completed 40 laps around Woodbridge for 40 years of the Club.

The race was an opportunity for the club to don their Woodbridge 10k prize t-shirts, both new and old, and do a victory lap around Woodbridge in pairs.

Our own Dave Alley kindly organised the setting up of a tent (see pics!) in Elmhurst Park and the many tent-manning-volunteers and runners as well.

The relay also proved to be a wonderful way to warm up for the birthday-bash-barbecue that was held later the same day down at the Cruising Club by the river to celebrate the clubs 40th year in action.

It’s been a difficult year for all of us; but as ever the team spirit of the Woodbridge Shufflers shone through from dusk till dawn on that glorious sunny August day.