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2018 Woodbridge 10k Entries

The Woodbridge 10k is now in its 37th year and has always been a popular in the local racing calendar, but its popularity has grown in recent years to levels that are almost unheard of for a local club 10k race. This year around two thousand separate people visited our website during the time entries opened which is a significant increase on last year.

The race is organised and put-on by a small group of dedicated volunteers who do it in their spare time. We aim to put on a quality race for the benefit of running community whilst also raising money for charity, something that has always been a part of the race since the first Woodbridge 10k. We cannot increase the size of the race any further due to safety limits and the costs of staging any race are ever increasing and we try to keep the entry fee down as much as possible.

It is clear that people have had issues with the entry process this year. We made changes on the entry process based on issues that were encountered last year, but we have had a two-fold increase in people applying for the same number of places and the bulk of these are within the first ten minutes of entries opening. Given the sheer volume of people trying to enter at exactly the same time it will put a strain on any entry system. We will take the learnings from the entry process this year and make further changes for next year.

We have now done the initial processing of the entry list and if you appear on the list here…/woodbridge10k/entrylist.php then you are in the 2018 race! We still have some final processing to do but we hope to complete it this week and publish an entry list on our website and send an email out to all entrants later this week once this is completed.

Woodbridge 10k Race Entry Notes

A reminder that entry to the Woodbridge 10k and Junior Races opens on Saturday 3rd March at noon. Links to the Races Online entry system will be posted on the Woodbridge 10k website once entries open.

Both the 10k and junior races are extremely popular so be ready to go once the entries open! Some things to note to help you get your entry in:

  • 10k entry is £17 for Affiliated Runners and £20 for Unaffiliated Runners. Entries to the 1.5km junior race will be £6.
  • Ensure you have your URN (unique runners’ number issued by England Athletics through an affiliated club) if you want to take advantage of the affiliated club discount
  • You will be able to select your T-shirt size on the entry form – as a guide chest sizes for the different sizes are Children’s = 30″, XS = 32″ S = 34″ M = 36″ L = 38-40″ XL = 42-44″

Good luck!

Entry Date for Woodbridge 10k Announced

The Woodbridge Shufflers are pleased to announce that the highly popular Woodbridge Round-the-Town Charity races will take place on Sunday 20th May at 12 noon. The races, which follow an undulating course through the streets of Woodbridge, feature a 10k circuit for runners aged 15+ and a 1.5km race for juniors aged 7-15.

The ‘Round the Town’ is a true highlight of the Woodbridge sporting and social calendar, attracting visitors and residents alike to line the streets in support of the runners. This year will follow the same tried-and-tested format as in previous years, with no changes to the course and offering approximately 700 places for seniors and 150 for juniors.

The races are incredibly popular (last year’s 10k sold out in around 45 minutes!) and entries will open on Saturday 3rd March at 12 noon so all those wishing to enter are advised to keep a close eye on the Woodbridge Shufflers website where details of the online entry will be published. Details will also be shared with local online publications and on the Woodbridge Shufflers 10k Facebook page.

The races are proud to raise money for local charities and in 2017, a record-breaking amount was raised, providing nearly £11,000 for three organisations chosen by the family of Andrea McNally, a former Woodbridge Shuffler who died from breast cancer in early 2017.

Details of the sponsors and the charities supported in 2018 will be announced in March.

For more information, including entry details and planned road closures, keep an eye on the Woodbridge Shufflers website:


Woodbridge Primary School benefits from Shufflers’ charitable donation

Preschool gains new library books and enhances its Forest School with £1000 donation from Woodbridge Shufflers

The Woodbridge 10k and Junior Race is well-known for its hills, its enthusiastic runners and post-run party atmosphere. But at its heart, the race is geared at helping local charities. Last year, six charities received a £1000 donation from the race: Lapwing Education, Ipswich Holiday Help For Children, Suffolk Young People’s Health Project (4YP), Orwell Panthers AC and Woodbridge Primary School.

Mark Krisson, Headmaster at Woodbridge Primary, tells us a little about how the school spent the money.

Forest School inspires learning
“We’re really grateful for the £1000 donation from the Woodbridge Shufflers. The money enabled us to buy Forest School equipment and thereby ensure that our Forest School Leaders could take groups of children off-site for all sorts of learning activities.”

“Many children find these sorts of activities really exciting and for some pupils, it allows them to demonstrate skills and abilities that they’d find hard to show in the classroom.”

A modern library
The money also helped towards the school’s library project. “With the donation, we were able to update our 10-year old library software and purchase a new package that will be really useful for parents as well as children and teachers,” continues Mr Krisson.

Books by favourite authors
In addition, the children were able to have their say in how the money was spent. Members of the ‘school council’ – nominated children from each year group – were asked which authors they liked best and favourite titles were subsequently purchased for the school to enjoy.

Lucy Cliff, who led the project on behalf of Friends of Woodbridge Primary School (FOWPS) says, “It’s been a lovely project which has allowed parents, staff and children to work really closely together. Thank you, Shufflers!”

Marathon Man to help FOWPS

And the good work doesn’t stop there! Richard Dempsey, a member of the Woodbridge Shufflers, will run this year’s London Marathon with all charitable donations going to Woodbridge Primary School.

Richard, who recently completed the Tarpley 20-mile race in under 2 hours 50 minutes, is training incredibly hard and is on target to achieve his dream sub-four hour marathon. Richard says:

“I was lucky enough to gain a London marathon place through the Woodbridge Shufflers and have decided to raise some funds for the Friends of Woodbridge Primary School (FOWPS). They work tirelessly all year organising lots of events to raise money for the school to provide the children with much needed equipment and support. All donations to this worthy causes are greatly appreciated.”

To donate, please visit Richard’s Just Giving page.





My Woodbridge 10k story – by Bon Collins

Three years ago, local runner Bon Collins suffered an illness so severe doctors feared she’d never walk again. With her amazing determination and a little help from her friends, Bon has managed to run herself back to health and is excited to enter her third Woodbridge 10k. Bon explains why the annual Shufflers’ race is so special to her.

Hi Bon! You’re a familiar face on the 10k circuit. How many times have you taken part?

This year will be my third time. In 2015, I’d only been walking properly for four months so to run any of it was an achievement. Last year I ran more but still struggled. This year I am excited because I know I can run it all!

How did you get into running?

I’ve been overweight my entire adult life. As I started to head towards 40, I wanted to do something about that. Over the years, I’d tried literally every diet you can imagine and at the end of it all, I was bigger than ever. I started running, but then I got sick and was unable to walk. When I beat that (and I still have to pinch myself), I knew that the one thing I wanted to do was run.

You have lost a lot of weight in the past few years. Is that down to running?

Pretty much. Since running and eating healthily I have lost weight and it stays off. No starving myself or fad diets for me. If I want to have a chocolate bar, I can, but I know what is and isn’t good for me and I understand that exercise is required to keep me getting to my goal.

It’s no longer about weight loss – I don’t even know how much I weigh any more. It’s about being fit. Focusing on that has helped no end.

What’s your training routine like?

I like to run with people. I’m not very talkative when I run, mostly because it’s hard to do both well, but I do like to run with others. I run with my team mates from Ipswich JAFFA on a Monday night on the track and with friends during the week, then at weekends I run with my trainer Luke Read from Airborne Fit. (Airborne Fit are also sponsors at this year’s 10k). Luke helps me to focus on good running and improving all the time. His encouragement has been key to the achievements over the last few months in particular.

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s race?

Firstly running in club colours! The Jaffas have been a great support to me and it will be an honour to wear my club vest.

Woodbridge 10k is a race that I want to do every year that I can. It was my first race after I learned to walk again and so it means a lot to me.

This year I have a solid year’s worth of training under my belt (I had a 5 week break for spinal surgery last summer but was soon back to it) plus good instruction, so I’m really looking forward to enjoying the race to see that hard work bear fruit!

What do you like most / least about the Woodbridge 10k?

I love the support that you get on the route. It’s amazing just how many people turn out to watch – there is music played by families, people giving you water from their houses and everyone is willing you on. I remember that in 2015 I got paranoid that everyone was saying my name, until my running partner pointed out that it was on my bib!

What do I like least? It’s hard to say – I mean every runner of course will say the hills!! But then the course has a lot of nice downhills as well! My least favourite hill is the bit that goes around from the Co-Op carpark up to the Thoroughfare (Lime Kiln Quay). It doesn’t look like much but it’s a slow climber – the heat usually gets me!!

How will you celebrate after the race?

The first year I ran, I celebrated by going home and crying my eyes out because I couldn’t believe that I actually just did it. My legs were shot to bits! This year I am looking forward to celebrating in style with my trainer Luke and my team mates from JAFFA because I hope to really show what good consistent training can do for even an amateur runner like me.

I’m usually sick on the finish line – I seem to have made a habit of that at most races, probably because I try to give it my all on the course, but I am hoping this year not to disgrace myself again!

Do you take part in other running races?

Last year (2016) was the first year that I did anything other than the Woodbridge 10k. In March 2016 I did my first cross country race (Farmhouse Five for Females) which was fun. I did a couple of fun runs with friends and my friends’ children, like the Colour Dash, Insane Terrain and Race For Life. I had hoped to do the Twilight 10k (10k is definitely my favourite distance at the moment), but unfortunately I had spinal surgery which meant I had to take some time out.

I celebrated my return by doing the Tough Mudder half in September which was so different for me! I didn’t get a place in the Adnams 10k as I wasn’t quite quick enough on the computer, but thankfully a kind person donated their place to me and so I ran that!

Woodbridge is still my favourite race. You just can’t beat it!

What inspires you to keep running?

I think when you lose the ability to do something and are lucky enough to get it back, you no longer want to waste it. I have some inspirational friends who achieve amazing things in running, but I have learned not to compare myself to them too much and to understand that the fact that I even run is an inspiration to others.

You cannot beat running in my opinion. It brings people together; it gives you a great sense of achievement; you get fit; you can shake off a really bad day. It has so many benefits.

What’s next for your running?

I want to complete a marathon. It was the one thing I wanted to do before I got sick. I’m not quite marathon ready this year and I am ok with that. I am understanding that although I can run, I have only been walking again for just over two years, so to be where I am now (my longest run has been 7 miles) is still a miracle.

I know what it’s like wanting to lose weight or run and to be scared that you’re too big or will look silly. And I hope that by continuing to do it, I will inspire others to do it too. So long as I have the gift of my legs working, I will run.

Entries for this year’s race open at 8am Friday 10th March 2017. Links to the Run Britain entry system will be published to the Woodbridge Shufflers 10k race page as soon as the system goes live. Good luck!


Bon Collins 10k story

Thanks to a love of running, Bon Collins has recovered from severe illness to lose weight and stay healthy.