Woodbridge 10k Road Race

The 38th annual Woodbridge Round-the-Town Charity races will be held in 2019 on Sunday 19th May 2019. The races follow an undulating course through the streets of Woodbridge that brings the whole town out to line the streets and support the runners.

The races raise money for local charities and in 2018 £12,000 was raised and shared between five charities from the sponsorship received from local businesses. This year the following six charities will be supported by the race:

  • East Anglian Air Ambulance
  • Fresh Start New Beginnings
  • Just42
  • Lapwing Education
  • MIND
  • Suffolk Accident Rescue Service

The races could not be held without the generosity of our sponsors which for 2019 are:

Adnams Gotelee Solicitors
Airborne Fit Gressingham Foods
Amarinth Haven Power
Barker Gotelee Solicitors Howard Construction
Barretts of Woodbridge King’s Head Woodbridge
BDK Notcutts
Biddable Solutions Pinfold & Co Chartered Accountants
Brafe Engineering Ltd Planet Music
Chapel Properties The Power Studio
Cornerstone Residential Estate Agents The Cherry Tree
East of England Co-op The Galley
Fenn Wright The Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre
Gilmour Piper Woodbridge School

The Woodbridge Shufflers would also like to thank DYNNIQ for their support in the staging of the race.

On the day there are two races: a 10km race for runners aged 15 and over and also a junior 1.5km race for runners aged between 7 and 15 inclusive.


Entries to both races opened at 12 noon on Saturday 9th March 2019 and entries are now full for both of this year’s races. We operate a first-come, first-served system and don’t operate any waiting lists.

Once entered into the race, entry fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another runner or deferred to another year if you are no longer able to race. Also please do not allow another runner to race using your number – this is against UK Athletics rules and also causes the medical team difficulties in the event of a emergency.

In the situation that race organisers are forced to cancel the race due to unforeseen events beyond their control (for example, but not limited to: adverse weather conditions, crime scene investigation taking place, major road-traffic accident, police advice against staging mass participation events, etc) entry fees cannot be refunded. This is because most of the costs of staging the event are committed well before race day and these cannot be reclaimed by the club. Any surplus remaining will be donated to the selected charities.

Race Numbers

Numbers will be provided for both the 10km and junior races and will not be posted out so will need to be collected prior to the start of the race.

Please note that for those running as part of a sponsor team, you will need to collect your race bib from your team’s sponsor coordinator as each sponsor will have a single pack containing all their team’s 10k and junior race bibs.

Runners will have the opportunity to collect their numbers before the day of the race on Tuesday 14th May 2019 at Woodbridge Library between 6:30pm and 7:30pm. If you do collect your bib early please make sure that you don’t fold it as this can damage the timing chip and please remember to bring it with you on race day as we are unable to provide replacements.

Otherwise, numbers can be collected on the day of the race from the Seckford Theatre within the Woodbridge School site anytime between 9:30am and 11:45am. Please look up your race number online or look at the boards in the entrance to the Theatre before coming to the desks to collect your number.

Please fill in requested information on the back of your race bib in case of a medical emergency.

Race Day Road Closures

In order to allow the races to take place safely, a number of roads will be closed during the race and a Road Closure Map is available.

Race Day Car Parking

Free race day car parking is available at Woodbridge School (off Burkitt Road, IP12 1EL and marked on the map below with a P symbol) although this is limited so please try to share lifts or walk where possible or use other public car parks within Woodbridge. Please do not park on nearby residential streets in such a way that will either inconvenience local residents or block the running route.

Please note that road closures will be in force in Woodbridge close to the start of the race so please try to arrive early, especially if you need to collect your number and get to the starting line.


Toilets are available at Woodbridge School and these facilities will open at 9:30am. There are no secure storage facilities.

Start Details

The start line for both races is on Burkitt Road outside of the Buttrums Mill car park near to the entrance of Woodbridge School. Any warm up exercises can be done in the nearby Woodbridge School grounds.

  • The 10km race will start promptly at 12 noon, but please ensure you are at the start line by 11:55am to hear any last minute announcements.
  • The 1.5km junior race will have a single start shortly after the 10km race has set off. However, junior runners should congregate at the junior run assembly area at around 11:40am so that they are ready to move to the start line after the 10km runners have departed.

Please note that if the weather is wet there is no shelter at or near the start line. If your child is in the junior race please have a good umbrella and warm clothing available for them before and after the race.

Race Details

Run under UKA rules (UKA License Number 2019-36599).

The 10km course (shown in red on the map below) consists of a short 600m section from the start line up to Market Hill and then consists of two laps through the streets of Woodbridge. Across the course there is around 83m of ascent (approx. 271 feet) so starting at a moderate pace is a good idea for most runners to leave enough in the tank for the later stages of the race.

The 1.5km junior course (shown in blue on the map below) follows the same route for the first 600m before heading down New Street and then onto the Thoroughfare and then up Church Street to finish back at Market Hill.

Both courses are entirely on road and marshals are around the course to direct runners. Please note that although some roads are entirely closed to traffic, others are only closed to traffic in one direction and others are fully open to traffic. Take care and be alert to motorists and please run on the left hand side of the road at all times. Roads closures are in place for 60 minutes after the start of the race and any runner wishing to continue after a road has been reopened will be required to run on the pavement for their own safety.

Beware of de-hydration, especially if it is a warm day, and drink plenty before the race and there are also four water stations on the course. Do not run if you feel unwell on the day.

Headphones (including bone skull ones) must not be worn during the race as these may impede the hearing of instructions from the marshals.

Water Stations

In the 10km race runners will pass official water stations four times during the race (at approx. 2.4km, 4.7km, 7km and 9.4km) and these will be based outside of the Duke of York pub before turning onto Ipswich Road and outside the Red Lion pub before turning onto the Thoroughfare. These official stations are both marked on the course map above with cup symbols. There may be other water stations on the course, but these are unofficial. Water in bottles will also be available at the finish line.

In the junior race, refreshments are only available at the end of the race.


The finish line will be outside the Shire Hall on Market Hall, which is also the location of the Race Headquarters.

All runners that complete the race will receive a t-shirt featuring an interesting and unique design for 2019. Various sizes are available and can be selected when you are making your race entry.

Special for the 2019 race, there will be a medal for all finishers which celebrates 25 years of The Galley in Woodbridge and also the support The Galley has made to the Woodbridge 10k over numerous years and the sponsorship they have given that has gone to charitable causes.

Timing and Results

Both junior run and 10km race are accurately timed using chip timing. The 10km race results will be based upon the gun time (the time taken from when the race is started to crossing the finish line), but chip times (the time taken to run from the start line to the finish line) will also be provided for information only. In the junior run, only gun times are published.

Provisional results will be posted on notice boards outside the Shire Hall on Market Hill as the race proceeds and via a link on our website as soon as possible after the race. The final results will be made available on our website within a week.

Awards and Prizes

The presentations to the charities will be made at 1:15pm on outside the Shire Hall on Market Hill, followed shortly after by the presentation of awards for the junior and 10km races.

In the 10km race, the following trophies and prizes are awarded:

  • Trophies and cash prizes to the first (£75), second (£50) and third (£25) placed male and female finishers
  • Trophies to the first placed runners in the M15-19, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70 age categories (unless already awarded an overall 1st/2nd/3rd race prize)
  • Trophies to the first placed runners in the F15-19, F40, F45, F50, F55, F60, F65 and F70 age categories (unless already awarded an overall 1st/2nd/3rd race prize)
  • Cash prizes of £20 to the first male and first female finishers over 40 (unless already awarded an overall 1st/2nd/3rd race prize)
  • Trophies to the first and second affiliated teams (based on the aggregate time of the team’s first three runners)
  • Trophies to the first and second sponsor teams (based on the aggregate time of the team’s first three runners)

The following enduring trophies are also awarded:

  • Founders Cup (in memory of the late JJ Johnson) to the fastest unaffiliated runner from Woodbridge and its adjoining parishes
  • Mick Witham Memorial Trophy for the first over 50 unaffiliated male
  • Cherry James Memorial Trophy for the first female aged between 40 and 44 inclusive
  • Dick Dolan Awards for the fastest male and female teenagers

Additionally, there is a £150 cash prize for the winning male or female if they break the current 10km course records.

In the junior race, medals are given to:

  • The first, second and third placed runners in the B7-8, B9, B10-11, B12-13 and B14-15 age categories
  • The first, second and third placed runners in the G7-8, G9, G10-11, G12-13 and G14-15 age categories


If you have any questions or queries about the 2019 Woodbridge Round-the-Town Races then please email entries@woodbridgeshufflers.org.uk

Previous Years Results:

Current Course Records:

  • Male: Aaron Scott – 31:19 (set in 2013)
  • Female: Helen Davies – 34:27 (set in 2019)

Woodbridge 10k 2013